March 29, 2013

Website Design & Website Makeovers


“A business without a website is like a business man without a face.” (borrowed from inboundmarketinghelp.

Doing business without a website is like a face with no mouth to tell its customers what it has to offer, where it’s located, business hours, etc. Doing business without a website is saying you don’t value your business enough.

Having a website is as important for a business today as having a phone.

Research shows that 78% of internet users conduct product research online. This means that your website stands a good chance of being your prospects first impression.

A website conveys a sense of presence to the entire world. It confirms that you’re serious about your business, that you are committed and have taken it to the next level. It gives you a sense of being social.

So let’s get started setting you up with a plan to market your business online. It’s time to find your online voice and letting everyone know you’re here.

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Does your website need a facelift? If you haven’t touched your website in a couple of years it probably needs a makeover. We specialize in web development and design for companies that need a new look and feel.

We can improve your website to give it  more functionality, search engine performance and online visibility. We’ll improve your design and add integration of social media and other outreach tools. Upon completion you’ll have fresh updated look and feel with new graphics and color theme.


We strive to help you with your website needs within a 24-hour period. Please email us or submit a ticket with your maintenance needs and a brief description. Your concerns are ours as well.  

 To view our website samples CLICK HERE.

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