March 29, 2013

HTML Email Campaigns

How an email blast works and what it does for your business:

76% of email subscribers have made a purchase from an email marketing subscription.* That does not even capture the full effect that email marketing can have on your business. Email subscriptions also affect offline or in store purchases which cannot always be measured. About 97% of businesses are now using email marketing.* And it’s working!

  So how do you start an email campaign?

 The first step to starting an email campaign is email collection. You need email addresses in your target market to send your ads to. There are a couple of ways to go about obtaining the email addresses you need. 

1. Purchase an email list – You can purchase an email list online. It will give you a database of emails and help you reach a large amount people in a short amount of time. If you want to go this route we would suggest doing your research and trying to target your market as much as possible. It is important that your money is not wasted by emailing your ads to the wrong type of consumer. 

2. Start collecting emails on your own – This is a great way keep in touch with existing customers and keep them coming back. You can do this by collecting emails on your website (ask about this feature in our dynamic website package). Or by collecting emails in your store or small business. In order to give an incentive for customers who provide their email you can offer a coupon or special deal. This strategy is used widely in small business and corporations alike. 

What should my email campaign be about? And how do I attract the attention of my customers?

What message you send to your customers is very important. Email campaigns are often used to let customers know about new products, new deals, coupons, or specials. It is common for small businesses to hire a designer to create these email blasts for them, so that they have more appeal to their customers. However, there are resources that will allow you to design your own email blasts. How your ad is displayed will determine if it is effective in attracting new business or not. It is important to make sure your email blasts are designed well enough to get the attention of your potential or existing customers. 

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