Our Favorite Free Business Tools

business-toolsOur Favorite Free Business Tools

As a web design company we are all about the tech. If an app or online tool makes our job easier or faster it is worth using, especially if it is free. Now, as far as managing a large amount of clients and/or projects, we highly recommend using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. These systems can range in price but offer a wide variety of tools to help you stay on top of your tasks including: automated emails, contact organization, task management, project management and delegation, form creation and more. There are many CRM systems available some are tailored to only certain kinds of business and others can be customized to fit your needs. For instance, Pixifi is meant for photographers and is a great if you own a photography business, however Base CRM can be customized to fit the needs of any type of business. So if you are busting at the seams with tasks, clients and projects definitely invest into a CRM. However if you are a startup or you don’t have to juggle multiple projects at once we know of some great and free tools that just might keep you on track.

Inbox by Google
For a very long time Gmail was google’s only free email system. However just in the last year or two Google launched an incredible new system called Inbox. It’s ability to organize your email to separate the important things from the not so important is enough to make it worth the switch. However, Google didn’t stop there.

Reasons why we love it

  1. The Layout – No more searching through hidden tabs, your email folders are right there in front of you. The layout also makes it great for mobile or desktop use
  2. The Done Button – tired of seeing an email you have already read and have no use for anymore? Just click the little checkmark (done button). Your email won’t be deleted it will just be out of the way, making for a cleaner and more organized inbox. You can always access the email later from the folder labeled ‘done’.
  3. The Reminders – One of the best features of desktop email systems such as outlook is the reminders. Since Google decided to incorporate this feature into Inbox email reminders can now be utilized from not only your desktop but your mobile devices as well.
  4. The Snooze Button – I think that this feature is self explanatory. Reminders are nothing without a snooze button!

There are a lot of to do apps and tools available today but we feel that Any.do stands out. Any.do is available for mobile but it can also be managed online through your desktop.

Reasons why we love it

  1. Any.do Moment – At the beginning of you day Any.do will remind you to plan your day with an Any.do moment. Snooze or postpone the tasks  that don’t need to be done right away and keep the ones that do. The Interface for this is impressive and super simple. Any.do makes it easy to keep track of your priorities.
  2. Organization – Instead of listing every small related task separately you can add sub-tasks, which makes everything much cleaner and organized. Tasks can also be assigned to different categories. Don’t like the list view? No problem Any.do gives you the ability to switch how you view your tasks.
  3. Reminders and Notifications – One of the most important features of task management tools is their ability to remind you to stay on track. Any.do pops up on your phone but it also give you the ability to dismiss, mark the task as done or snooze the task.

Time is money and we all hate to waste money and time. Toggl is a free time tracking tool. It is simple and well designed and has features that make it stand out among the competition.

Reasons why we love it

  1. Simplicity – The design makes time tracking simple. Just click start and the app starts tracking.
  2. Add Clients – So not only can you track how much time you spend on a project but also how much time you spend for a client. Add in your project name, task description and assign it to a client. Clients are color coded to make it more organized.
  3. Reports – Toggl is fully equipped with reports and charts that not only make it easy to review your time spent but are also exportable.


So those are our top three. All three of them sync between devices making it easy to stay on top of your tasks. Are you using any great business tools to help you stay on track? We would love to hear your opinions, let us know in the comments.


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