Bad Web Design 101

An article was published on The Oatmeal, discussing the an issue most designers have faced at some point in their designing career. As designers, most of us anyway, we know which aspects make a good design and which ones do not. We know that your should never sacrifice usability for flashy artwork. We know that too much color and flashing banners can make a website look unprofessional. However, we try our best to make our clients happy with their product, and in the end the look of their website is up to them, even if they go against our recommendations. The article by The Oatmeal, that is included below, put this into perspective. The article is a little dramatic but it’s also entertaining.

So as a business owner, or client, how can you use this? Well my first suggestion is that you trust your designer, if you have taken the time to make sure you’ve hired a trustworthy and knowledgeable designer, then there is really no reason not to. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a say in how your website looks, instead of just throwing out the changes you want, discuss them with your designer. Ask if they think the changes will affect the usability or professional of your website. Also, instead of getting advice on your website from your family and friends, ask your target audience. If you own a restaurant or store, ask your customers. Lastly, take the advice you receive from other people with a grain of salt. It is very rare that a potential customer will do business with you because your website looks cool. It is more likely that they will contact you when the information they are looking for is made easily available to them on your web pages. Customers, also consider price and the quality of your product before they even think about if they like your website or not. With that said here is the article on how not to go about working with a web designer.

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